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Backup and Recover Android SMS,Contact,Music,video,photo to Mac
Wondershare Android phone manager which can helps you achieve a simple but effective mobile management of your contacts, music files, movies, SMS, photos, applications such as multimedia converting, data transferring, contact management, data backup, and other phone managements between your Mac and Android phone.Backup Android SMS messages,Contact,Music,video,photo to Mac,or Recover Android SMS,Contact,Music,video,photo,ect on Mac.

For windows computer: Wondershare Android mobile manager for Windows Computer

Wondershare MobileGo
is a useful and powerful Android phone manager for Mac that is designed to help you to manage the data in your Android phone including your contacts, SMS, music files, movies and photos, directly from your computer screen. Besides, the application comes with useful functions such as multimedia converting, data transferring, data backup and restore.

On the first run after install, you need to setup connection between your Android device and the MobileGo application. There are two types of connection that you can use, either by using USB or Wi-Fi connection.

In my case, I use USB connection. After you have plugged your device to the Mac computer using USB cable, your device will be automatically detected by MobileGo (unless your device is not supported).

Next step is to setup (one-time setup) the connection between your device and the application. Choose your device to connect, then a driver will be installed in your device, plus you will be prompt to enable USB debugging on your Android device and name your device.

Now, the MobileGo application is ready to use. In the home screen, you can view the phone storage information of your device. Also, there are the Backup and Restore buttons.

With a click on the Backup button, you can easily backup your phone’s contacts, SMSes, and APK applications from Android to your PC.

At the top of the home screen, there are tabs for Contacts, SMS, Music, Movies and Photos.

In the Contacts tab, you can easily add, delete, group and backup/restore (export/import) all of your contacts for your Android smart phone.

Meanwhile, for SMS management, MobileGo make it convenient for you to receive, send, and organize all your SMSes on your computer with keyboard.

For music and movies management, you can do the following :

1.Automatically convert the incompatible formats into compatible ones when you try to import multimedia files from Mac to your phone.

2.Freely transfer any of your favorite movies and music files from Mac to your phone without worrying about the compatibility of file formats.

3.Simply build a new playlist, export to local, rename, delete, and set ringtones, etc. to organize your media files.

Lastly, in the Photos tab, you can manage the pictures and photos like transferring, rotating, deleting, renaming and so on.

Wondershare MobileGo is Run with Mac system

(Note: there is no trial or demo version with this program. Once you buy Wondershare MobileGo for Android Mac, the download link and activation keycode will be immediately sent to your e-mail, we promise!)

For Windows:
Wondershare Data Recovery for Android--Recover Android mobile data on Windows computer

(Note: For Windows computer,you can free download and trial before you buy)

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