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How to Recover delete files for Mac by Nice to Recover Data for Mac?
1. Run Nice to Recover Data for Mac , the following interface will appear.


2. Click the Free Trial button, you will see the main interface. Then click the Lost Partition Recovery button

3. All storage devices are listed below, including the very device which contains lost partitions. Select the very device according to the size and other information. If you are using
Nice to Recover Data for Macfor the first time, select Quick Scan which can provide a faster search. When the search process is finished, all of the partitions on the storage device selected before will be listed.

4. Check out if there lists the lost partition you are looking for. If not, go back to the previous step and select Deep Scan which will use more powerful techniques to scan your PC for lost partitions, but the process takes much longer time.

5. If you have found the very lost partition, then you can choose two methods to recover data from it. One is Deep Scan Recovery , the other is Quick Scan Recovery . Deep Scan recovery is also called Raw Recovery. It features a very comprehensive recovery, finding most of the lost data without file names and original paths. Deep Scan Recovery can restore the correct file names and paths, but recover much less data then the former one. We suggest you choose Quick Scan recovery first, if the result is not so good, turn to Deep Scan recovery .

If you click the Quick Scan Recovery , the recovering process is shown below.

If the result is not so good, go back to the previous step and select Deep Scan recovery .

First you need to select the desired recovery file type:

Then click the Next button.The files recovered will be shown dynamically during the scanning process.

When the scanning process is finished, files recovered will be classified automatically according to their types. You can preview a specific file by double-clicking it or click the Space key.

6. After successful registration, you can save all the file to a specific place.

Note: The recovered files mustn’t be saved to original partition, which may cause permanent destruction to the data. Do save the recovered files to another partition.