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How to recover deleted files on iPhone 5 iphone 4S iphone 4 iOS 6?

You can buy a new iphone 5,but you can't buy your important lost data backup for iphone 5,once you update iOS6,you may lost all you iphone 5 data,including SMS messages,Contacts,Photos,Videos,App,calendar, notes, call history and more.Many iphone users need to recover iphone lost data files after update to iOS6 system,is there any way to recovery iphone 5 lost data?Thank Wondershare company developed the world's 1st iphone data recovery software,now iphone users need't worry about your iphone data lost or deleted.

There is no doubt that the iPhone 5 is the most hyped Apple product ever. Although the design and the final piece are more than catchy, the data loss is still a headache problem for many users. The precious data may disappear of a sudden from your iPhone 5 iOS 6 by many reasons like:

Accidental deletion.
Restore factory settings.
iPhone 5 got corrupted.

There are 2 solutions to recover recover iphone 5,ipone 4S,iphone 4,iphone 3GS and ipad ipod lost data--recover iphone SMS messages,Contacts,Photos,Videos,App,calendar, notes, call history and more,2 solutions to recover lost data from iPhone or iTunes

1.Recover data from iOS Device
Scan iOS device directly to find data deleted recently,or data lost due to inaccessible iOS

2.Recover from iTunes Backup File
Scan iTunes backup files if you deleted data for a long time,failed to recover from iOS device directly,or lost iOS device

All-in-on iphone&iTues data recovery: Recover iphone lost data computer directly,or recover from iTunes Backup File


Run on Mac: iTunes data recovery for Mac--Recover from iTunes backup file for iphone,ipod and ipad( you have Synced iphone/ipod/ipad data to iTunes ),Recover deleted/lost iPhone Photos, Contacts,SMS Messages,video and more from iTunes backup files,with Wondershare Data Recovery for iTunes,you also can Recover Data for iPad and iPod,including video,music,photo and other files.

(The World's 1st
iphone data recovery software
from Wondershare--Software conference)

Key Features:

> Recover deleted data without backup directly from iPhone 4.
> Regain previous data from iTunes backup for all iOS devices.
> Save data after your device is crashed, smashed, broken or lost.
> Retrieve data after Jailbreak, iOS upgrade, factory settings restore.

The 1st solutions:
Recover iphone 5 lost data directly without backuped to iTunes

How to recover/restore iphone lost data with iPhone data recovery software directly without backuped to iTunes?

The 2nd solutions: Recover from iTunes Backup File for iphone 5,ipone 4S,iphone 4,iphone 3GS and ipad ipod

If you happen to come across this situation unfortunately, don’t panic. The lost data can be restored instantly from iTunes backup file of your iPhone 5. Open iTunes, choose “Preference…” option from menu bar, you can see the last backup file of your device.


iOS 6 Data Recovery for iPhone 5:

If you had synced your iPhone 5 with iTunes before data loss, you can restore the lost data from iTunes backups. Data Recovery for iTunes is designed to help you extract contents from iTunes backup files so that you can preview the backup contents and recover the lost photos, videos, contacts and others you want.

How to restore deleted data on iPhone 5 iOS 6?

1. Install Data Recovery for iTunes on your computer and launch it.
2. Choose the backup file of your iPhone 5 to scan the contents.

3. After scanning, you can preview the backup contents and check the items you want. Hit on “Recover” button to restore the lost data.

Note: After data loss, you’d better stop using your device immediately in case of overwriting. Do remember not to sync the iPhone 5 to iTunes any more until the lost data is recovered.
Do backup well!

The best way to avoid losing precious messages, photos, videos, voice memos and more is to make backup of your iPhone 5 frequently.


Run on Mac:
iTunes data recovery for Mac

Note: For runing on Windows,you can free download and trial