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How to Recover Digital Photo for Mac?
Do you want to recover all your value photo,video,audio and other files in your mobile phone and Digital Carmera Memory Card?Some users don't know how to recovery Digital photos for (Apple products) ipone/ipad/ipod,mobile phone,USB drive and Carmera Memory Card.

All your deleted photos/video/music are still on your iPhone, iPod and USB, HD or Digital camera memory card,USB drive.You can recover those deleted photos,video,music with
data recovery software.You can get them back only few steps

Nice to Recover Photo for Mac is an advanced program designed for Mac OS X, it incorporates high end media recovery methods to find and reconstruct fragmented digital photographs after deletion or accidental formatting from IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI hard disk drives, iPod, SD Cards, CF Cards, XD Cards, Memory Sticks, external Zip drives, FireWire and USB hard drives.

Free download
Nice to Recover Photo for Mac and run it.

Select the partition and the file type you want to recover(support multiple choice). You can choose to restore all of the media files inside the partiton or just deleted ones.

Then click the Next button.The files recovered will be shown dynamically during the scanning process.

When the scanning process is finished, files recovered will be classified automatically according to their types.

You can preview a specific file by double-clicking it or click the Space key.You can save all the file to a specific place.

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