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How to Recover iTunes Data If my Mac crashes?
Question: Last night, the Mac system suddenly crashes, after I restore the system, the itunes where all datas were gone now, how to do?How can I recover all my iTunes data that I have scync to iTunes, includes purchased music, TV shows, apps, and books; photos and video in the Camera Roll; Messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS), ringtones, and more.Are ther have any soulation to recover iTunes lost data?

Useful Tips: iTunes lost Data are still in your Mac,you can recover lost files from iTunes

iTunes will automatically backup your iPhone/iPod and iPad files,but this files is an SQLite database that you can't access,you can use a iTunes recovery tool to extract this SQLite database to preview and get the content when you accidentally deleted or lost your iPhone iPad iPod data.

General speaking, it's impossible to recover deleted SMS and Contact from iPhone. But if you have ever synced your iPhone with iTunes, there does be a way. You need the help from an iTunes Data recovery tool.

How to Recover iTunes Lost Data for iPhone iPad iPod that you can scync to iTunes?

Wondershare Data Recovery for iTunes can recover photos & videos, contacts, SMS, call history, notes, memos, reminders, voice memos, Safari bookmarks and calendars for you iDevice, as long as you synced device with iTunes before.Recover Lost iPhone Photos, Contacts, Messages and More from iTunes Backup Files.


Screenshoot fo iTunes data recovery:

iphone sms recovery

Follow this iTunes data recovery guide, and learn how to recover iPhone data by extracting iTunes backups on Mac.

Step 1: Choose and scan your iTunes backup

After installing and launching the software, you'll get a list of all the devices that are synced with your Mac’s current copy of iTunes. Highlight a device by clicking it and then click Start Scan.

Step 2: Preview and Select

After you click "Start Scan", you’ll immediately be able to view thumbnails of all media files previously synced to iTunes from that device. Browse these files in categories (Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Contacts, Messages, Messages Attachments, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Voice Memos and Safari Bookmark) by clicking one of these options on the top left of the window.

Recover Photo from iTunes

Recover Messages for iTunes

Custom Select

Select one at a time by checking the individual box located under each thumbnail, or select all files in a category (Contacts, for example) by checking the box next to each category in the top left.

Step 3: Recover Your Files

After you’ve completed selecting all the files you want to recover, just click Recover in the menu bar next to the Back button (Actually recover is not allowed in the free trial version). At the Save prompt, you’ll be asked to name and select the destination folder for your recovered files (Desktop, for example). Your file will export immediately to the location you specified. Now you’re all done. Simple, right? To scan, view and recover files from another device, just click the Back button. Enjoy your reclaimed photos, videos, and more!


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