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How to recover Photo Video file from SD Card Memory Card?
13 ways to fix the SD card, memory card

    Use guide to recover lost data from SD Card/Memory Card with a professional recovery tool

(1) put the memory card in the computer to recognize into the phone does not recognize!! Often this is because the memory card is formatted on a computer, but the formatting and the phone is not compatible solution is to card back into the phone, using a mobile phone in the format the memory card from the new format!!

(2)Phone prompts "pull out the memory card, press OK" and follow the prompts to pull out the card, and then insert the phone you can continue to use, but before long in back prompted to pull the card, and so forth!! This is because often plug the memory card, the phone memory card slot loose poor contact can consider going to repair your mobile phone customer service, and attention Do not use too much force when the card is hot-swappable!

(3)Memory card password is lost, memory card file is very important!! A: Download install MMCpwd software, run the software, we can see a row of garbled English or digital display garbled interval is the password!!: Also simple method, and then on the phone installation similar to FILEMAN or SELEQ resource management software. then the the C drive SYSTEN file of the phone find MMCSTORE file, and sends it to the computer, to add TXT extension to the file, use Notepad to open, simply retrieve the password!
(4)Read and write speed of the 4.MMC card is getting slower and slower, much less bought when will be the same storage device, the phone MMC memory card and computer in, spent some time back because of the frequent delete, and copy back there disk fragmentation which affects the reading and writing speed, however, the hard disk format is FAT16 FAT32 or NTFS, MMC card in the phone phone through your computer's disk defragmentation often there will be a series of errors, severe back in the MMC card into the phone Baocuo copy format the card and then the file can be copyed into the hidden files in fact, we only need to MMC card!

(5)Phone suddenly asked to enter the memory card password, otherwise access is denied, but very unfortunate not set before, you are likely to in the S60 system of a mobile phone virus ---- CARDBLK Trojan Trojan perfect disguised as INSTANT.SIS colloquial version of the software to spread When you do not care to run after him, he will give you the card to set a password, this password is randomly generated for up to 16, the crack is almost zero, if poisoning can only small card to say goodbye!!! A: Do not accept any strangers more applications and a short message. especially strange Bluetooth came thing: as far as possible from the site can be trusted to download something (such as 81 Forum ..) : a professional virus software installed and then phone

(6) phone plug in the memory card can not open the page, unplug it can!! Without open a Web page, or the "Network" without reflecting are likely to be caused because the third-party input method switch back to the original input method, the problem is solved the!!

7.1GBYTE MMC card, it is copyed 600MB file, and then on a computer memory card can not be safe to remove, then unplug the memory card into the phone card to damage, such as the card is connected to the computer, the computer does not recognize! one-time copy of large-capacity data storage card, the memory card can not be deleted occasionally recommend that future copy batch after batch copy separately, if the phone memory card and the computer does not recognize: A: then PC can be used computer using the FAT16 format to format B: forced formatting tools MMCMEDIC repair C: format the memory card directly on the phone

8 mobile phone format the memory card when the memory card to be used, start from the new phone still try to follow these steps: Shutdown --- --- boot from the new swappable memory card.

9 Mobile in many programs can not run normally, when the phone and memory card connector when 'memory card does not exist can not connect!' Situation is likely to be the memory card is to change the name due to the resulting program error, as long as the Registry everywhere, and then the computer notepad the Batch Replace memory card name on it!!
10 memory card formatted "Can not use" first check whether the format of the formatted as FAT32, FAT16 format, if the problem persists, you can try the "Disk Utility" in the computer system repair.

11 placed in the memory card multimedia photos, video files suddenly do not know that one! Memory card reader connected to the computer, determine its letter, open the computer's "Start" menu, select Run, type "CMD "Enter," VCHKDSKH :/ F "under the MS-DOS command input in a lot of software does not work properly format the memory card before formatting the memory card, it must be left in the phone's software is uninstalled or installation times back when an error occurs in the same version of the software to backup files on the memory card --- Format!

13 memory card into the card reader, nothing reflected want to crash the computer connected, then there are two cases: A: computer message that the memory card can not be read B: lose patience with the long wait, remove the memory card, computer memory card can not be operating!!! Check card reader is plugged in!! not change the reader or to format and then not only changing the card

In a world.The best way to recover files from SD Card,Memory Card,ect is to use a SD Card Recovery Software

How to recover files from an SD Card/Memroy Card

All lost files are still on you SD Card,you can recover them with a SD Card Data Recovery, it will search your SD card lost files. Photo Recovery tool (compatible with Windows 8/7/Vista/XP) and Photo Recovery for Mac, the recovery tool can recover pictures, videos, music and other lot data from SD card easily.

Free download the SD card recovery software and restore your SD/Memory Card lost files.


Quickly Preview and Recover lost files from SD card

Step 1. After run the SD data recoveery,then connect the SD card to your computer
Run the data recovery for SD card and click "Start" button in the software interface as follow.

Step 2. Select which drive your want to scan, and click "Scan" button to scan lost/deleted files on SD card.

Step 3. After scan the SD card, you will preview all of lost files on your SD card. Then select the files you need to recover from your memory card.


Under what circumstances,the data recovery software can recover lost data?

Photo Recovery tool can recover SD card/memory card lost data under the below case:
» You're not careful to deleted files from SD card
» Accidently format your SD card
» Your SD card was corrupted or inaccessible
» Your SD card suffer virus infection causes loss of data
» Others

Tips: If you also want to recover documents more than videos, photos and audio files, such as Office documents, PDF files, Archives, Emails, etc. from computer or other devices, you need to choose the higher version: Data Recovery tool or Data Recovery for Mac, which does more than the Photo Recovery.