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IPhone Transfer Software and Recovery Software Reviews
jailbreak iOS6 remember to SHSH backup-Backup contacts, text messages, music and other information!

iOS6 has released many months, this week, Apple released iOS6.1 version ios6.1.2, ios6.1.3 re-ignited the enthusiasm of the fruit powder jailbreak. According to reliable sources, the iOS6 perfect escape on the road, coming. In this regard, the beauty girl javenzhi in facebook (javenzhi's facebook: http://www.facebook.com/javen.zhi?ref=tn_tnmn), iOS untethered jailbreak is released the apple fans do not have to rush to early adopters, remember to do the SHSH backup before jailbreak working.

What exactly is SHSH? Why do you want to back up SHSH?Backup all iPhone contacts, text messages, music and other files to computer!So that you never lost

The SHSH is actually verification iTunes to restore the the firmware operation legitimacy of a certificate. Any an iPhone, if you want to revert to a previous version, this version of SHSH backup file.

Need tools: the Cucu Assistant PC version and iMac assistant for Mac, you can download in the following table related backup software to back up the information you want to back up

Note: If you do not have a backup before iOS6 jailbreak, you will certainly lose data, but you can us a data recovery software to restore previous data in iTunes or the connected you iPhone to the computer, and restore iPhone data directly without backup!

Comparison of iPhone Transfer Software and iPhone Recovery

Functions Popular Brand:Wondershare Inc Popular Brand: Cucusoft Inc. Popular Brand: iMacsoft Inc.


iPad/iPhone/iPod data recovery


iPhone/iPad/iPod recovery for Mac


iTunes data recovery

iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer

iPhone Contacts + SMS Backup

iPhone Tool Kits

iPhone to Mac Transfer

iPhone SMS to Mac Transfer

iPhone Contact to Mac Transfer

Basic information

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SHSH backup steps:

The first step: iPhone / iPad connected to the computer using the data cable;

Step 2: Then click SHSH backup Cucu assistant or iMac assistant of the Mac version, it will prompt you a simple operation, and automatic backup SHSH and download it to your computer, click "Open Directory" will be able to find you backup SHSH file;

Step 3: Please keep backup SHSH file, so after our Apple devices can be restored at any downgrade.

At this point SHSH backup on the successful completion, we can without fear iOS jailbreak.

Knowledges:The SHSH file on Apple devices jailbreak is very important, be sure to backup SHSH files for each version of iOS, so you encounter any problems in the future want to revert to an earlier version of iOS, the corresponding IOS SHSH file can be used, then with the Apple server down to the you like IOS version.

Addition javenzhi also to remind the Apple fans:Never the easy way too lazy to back up, only on their own backup SHSH file independent, you can not use someone else's SHSH file.

So how do we backup SHSH file? Javenzhi said: In fact, backup SHSH file There are many, in the simplest way to introduce a very popular iphone backup software, but also of the many ways the most simple and convenient.

iPhone Backup&Transfer Software:

iPhone to Computer Transfer iPhone to Mac Transfer
iPhone Transfer Platinum is an all-in-one iPhone Transfer to transfer music files from iPhone to Computer, transfer from PC to iPhone without iTunes. iPhone to Mac Transfer can transfer iPhone Photo, Music, Movie, ePub, SMS, Contact from iPhone to Mac, iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iTunes library.

iPhone Data Recovery Software:

iPhone iPad iPod Data Recovery
iPhone iPad iPod Recovery for Mac
iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery can recover all your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch contacts, photos, text messages, newly supported iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. iPhone/iPad/iPod Recovery for Mac let users recover lost data, including photos, music, videos, sms, contacts, call history, calendar and more on Mac.

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