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Permanently Delete Photos from iPhone
A lot of people use iPhone take photos to record their lives, however, a large number of photos stored in the iPhone, these photos occupy the majority of memory resources, so we had to back up precious photos to a computer, after complete backup iPhone photos to computer, you can delete all the photos to free up enough space, if you just simply "deleting" the photos from iPhone devices, which is not completely erase the picture, because Apple encrypt rather than remove them. any professional iPhone data recovery tool can restore those encrypted photos easily.
In addition, some people want to sell his old iPhone, but a lot of privacy photos stored in the iPhone, so before selling the iPhone,please permanently delete all photos on iPhone, so no one can view your personal photos, and even data recovery software can not recover them.

iPhone Data Eraser can help you erase, wipe, delete all data from iPhone completely and permanently, and even the professional ios data recovery software can not restore them,this ios data eraser is very easy to use,you can delete iPhone file by yourself without professional skills. If you only want to delete photos from iPhone,this iPhone photos eraser tool allows you erase all photo from iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5c only 3 steps. What’s more,the iPhone eraser program not only supports wipe off all photos on iPhone,but also can help you erase other personal private information and data from iPhone and iPad/iPod,including text messages, Contacts, Notes, Videos, Apple ID, Call History, Calendar, Email, Safari Bookmark, Passbook, and more. After remove data on ios devices with this data eraser tool,you can’t get them back forever.Next,let’s show you the use guide to permanently delete photos from iPhone.

download iphone photo eraser        
Note: Transfer all important data from your iPhone to computer before remove everything on it. Here,I recommend you a useful iPhone transfer-ios data manager,which is an all-in-one iPhone/iPad/iPod transfer tool,it not only supports backup iPhone data to computer,but also can help ios users transfer data between iPhone, iPad and iPod easily,you can copy data from computer back to iPhone again. Do not use iTunes or iCloud backup, it will restore the deleted or unwanted photos on the iPhone again.

How to Permanently Erase Photos on iPhone
Step 1: Run the iPhone data eraser on computer
First of all,you need free download the iPhone data eraser tool installation and run on the computer,then connect the iPhone to a computer via a USB cable. The ios eraser tool will detect your iPhone device,you'll see the main interface as below.

wipe iphone photo

Step 2: Choose a right options to erase iPhone data
You can see two options are provided in data erasing type. Choose the first option "Eraser All Data On Device" and move on.

delete iphone photo

Step 3: Permanently Delete all iPhone Data in a Security Level
Select a security level to erase your iPhone data and click "Start". You will be asked to input a word to confirm your conduct. Then, the erasing process begins. Just wait patiently now.

erase iphone photo

Finish erase photo data from iPhone permanently

finish erase photo on iphone

Notes: In the data erasure process, please do not disconnect the iPhone connected to the computer, otherwise the process will be failed erase data.After complete remove your iPhone photo,click "Done" to finish the whole procedure.Here,you can use a iPhone transfer copy previous useful data to new iPhone again.

download iphone photo eraser