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Transfer Contacts SMS messages from Symbian Phone to Android
Do you want to transfer Contacts and text messages from Symbian Nokia to Android mobile Phone? Many people buy and new Android mobile phone,so they need to transfer contacts and SMS messages from old Nokia to new Android cell phone,like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony,Huawei,ZTE and other brand Android phones. To transfer contacts between phone to phone, you must to use 3rd transfer tool, This Symbian Nokia to Android Transfer not only can help your transfer contacts from Symbian Nokia to Android phone, but also transfer sms and other files between Nokia phone to Android phone.Next,the use guide teach you how to use this phone to phone transfer to transfer contacts and Text messages between Nokia and Android mobile phone.

mobile phone software    mac phone transfer
The MobileTransfer includes several features :"Phone to Phone Transfer", "Back Up Your Phone to computer", "Erase Your Old Phone Data" and "Restore Data from Backup File". If you want to transfer data from phone to phone,please select select the mode: "Phone to Phone Transfer"

Transfer Nokia contacts to Samsung

Transfer SMS from Nokia to Samsung phone

How to Transfer Contacts/SMS from Symbian to Android
Step 1:
Run the Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer

Step.2: Connect your Symbian phone and Android phone to the PC

After you connect your Sybian phone and Android cell phone to computer,then the phone to phone transfer will detect your phones as soon as possible after the phones are connected. Then choose Clear data before copy to empty your Android phone, the destination phone. If you don't want to, just let it alone.

Note: This Contacts transferring tool supports Symbian phone S40 and S60.


Third, if you connect multiple Symbian phones, choose one and then click "Start Copy" to start transferring data from one phone to another. Do not disconnect the devices while transferring.

When the transferring done, the Contacts has been transferred from your Symbian to Android, and you have successfully backed up the Contacts on your new Android phone. The whole task only needs several minutes. You don't need to type your contacts one by one to the new phone, or use Google to upload all your addressing information to Gmail server, which is not safe, let alone the huge and tedious work.

What's more about Phone to Phone Transfer:

Phone to Phone Transfer not only supports transfer contacts&sms between old phone and new phone,but also can help cell phone users transfer other data, including call history, photos, music, videos and even apps.Now you can free download and have a try!

mobile phone software    mac phone transfer